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Google has changed search results. This is a statement of fact, not opinion. As of this week, the top ranking on the first page for "google" directs to (near-coastal region). What's more, the definition for google has been revised to read "to search or explore online." It's clear that this is not what Google intended users to find when they typed in "google". Google's "near-coastal" results turn up a random collection of news from around the globe, lists of local restaurants, and assorted random sites. The effort to appear local has only managed to make search results look confusing. A search for google turns up "near-coastal" definition above review pages about the company, tons of stories about Google's IPO, and links to related search queries for terms like "gmail" or "localize." As Robert Levine comments in his article in Newsweek on this latest update, Google has decided to take the easy way out. It is true that they are trying to target users by their location but without coming up with something that would actually attract new customers. One of the results on the first page is a blog, GiGleMe! which is about, a forum for karaoke enthusiasts. This change may be a response to Microsoft's Bing search engine, which has been aggressively promoting itself as a way to find local information. Bing is clearly targeted at the business market, and one of its most prominent features is that it can pinpoint places with an address and phone number for sale for between $5 million and $250 million. In addition to this it also allows you to check into locations on Facebook with your smartphone, view restaurant menus and other similar information that may be useful when traveling or conducting business. Google is trying to differentiate itself further by targeting business searches even further, yet they are failing. The only way they can reach business-minded users is by selling advertising on their search engine, but they are not doing very well in this area. They make more than $3 billion per quarter, generating most of it from advertisers. But the fees they charge advertisers are high, and many companies do not go beyond the Google ad network because they feel that there are better ads elsewhere. Google has also tried to increase their appeal to businesspeople with its Gmail free email service. They make more than $3.3 billion per quarter from advertising, but their growth has slowed to 20 percent over the past year, due to competition from social networking sites like Facebook. Google has tried to take advantage of the growing popularity of social networking sites by placing advertisements on them, but this strategy is not successful either. By making changes to their search engine Google is hoping that instead of searching for information on the web, people will simply search for local businesses first, without realizing that many of the first results are misleading or completely irrelevant. Changes in definitions are also being made so that words like "google" will produce fewer results. The search engine rankings are an important competitive advantage for Google and other sites like it.


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